PCSYS was founded in 1990 and has two offices in Denmark: Copenhagen and Aarhus. In 2019 PCSYS became a part of Canadian Tecsys. 

PCSYS is owned by Canadian Tecsys. The day-to-day management consists of the three former partners in the company: Klaus Juhl, Henrik Eriksen and Ulrik Havsager, each with their responsibility within PCSYS’ core competencies. We have approximately 40 highly experienced and skilled employees.

For 25 years, we have helped companies in the supply chain industry (production, maintenance, storage, distribution and service) by developing software solutions and providing hardware to ensure optimal operation. The solutions are integrated with market-leading ERP systems.

We have extensive experience in data solutions for inventory control, product labelling and distribution. Our competencies within hardware and software, as well as infrastructure and customisations enables us to provide total solutions for the supply chain industry.

Whether it’s wireless or wired solutions, mobile or fixed installations, we offer our customers a robust and secure solution, ready to handle business-critical data.

Many of the solutions are based on our portfolio of proprietary software products that we tailor make to our clients’ specific business requirements.

Contact us for a chat about how we can help you by mail: info@pcsys.dk or phone: +45 43 43 29 29.